The Living Christmas Calendar of the Old Town

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The Christmas spirit is just settling in the Swedish capital. As we wrote, last week the Christmas lights were turned on and the Old Town Christmas Market was opened. Now, there are even more reasons to enjoy Christmas for free in Stockholm. This week, we talk about Julkalendern or what would be adapted into the Living Christmas Calendar of Gamla Stan.

Every day, between 1st and 24th of December, at 18.15 sharp a different window will open in one of the houses of the Old Town and you will be entertained by actors, storytellers, singers, musicians or readers. The show will take 15 minutes every time and everyone is welcome! For free!

Mäster Olofsgården is organizing the Julkalendern in the Old Town since 2005 and all the people involved are volunteers, from the performers to those who offered their living space for the performance. The idea came from the popular German Christmas Calendar.

The organizers argue that with this project they provide cultural experiences which lead to a stronger sense of community. Also, with various places acting as a stage they put focus on otherwise maybe not so visible environments.

What we like the most: you do get to know the place where the performance will take place, but you’ll never know what type of show you’ll be attending. So each representation will be a surprise, exactly as it happens with the regular Christmas Calendar filled with sweets.

See the full list of those involved and the exact address for each window, per days, by clicking here. Note that on the 24th of December the window will opening at 11.30.

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Text: Ionut @ stoRy touRs
Photo: Mäster Olofsgården