The Fat Tuesday is here – This calls for semla!

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Today, the Swedes observe the Fat Tuesday (Fettisdagen): a day celebrated by eating semla, how about that!?

The Fat Tuesday comes every year on Tuesday after Shrove Monday and before the Ash Wednesday – days observed in the Christian churches. The same day is known as “Mardi Gras” and “Pancake/Shrove Tuesday”, depending on the country we are talking about. So, the event is celebrated on another date every time.

This year, the Fat Tuesday comes late in February, just in time to get in March with sweetness! What sweetness? It comes from the fact that today is the day when every Swede (well, many Swedes!) will enjoy a semla. This is a bun or sweet roll covered with whipped cream on top and filled with almond paste. Highly recommended!

Now you know what’s up with all these buns in the street windows around town. You can also check out Visit Stockholm’s guide to places where you can get some of the best semlor in Stockholm. Click here for more information.

And if you cannot make it in time for this year’s celebration, don’t worry! You can find this wonderful piece of pastry in most stores in other periods of the year too: because it’s just that popular! Also, you have this option: have a look here at The Local’s great receipt for making your very own semla at home!

Text: Ionut @ stoRy touRs
Photo: Renata@ stoRy touRs