Winter sports within Stockholm in January

Christmas and the New Years’s Eve are behind us now. But that does not necessary mean that the holiday time is over. If you are in Stockholm in the beginning of the year, there are still a lot of activities to do. Let’s talk about winter sports today. The swedes surely love them!

First, if you are into ice skating or you have as a resolution this year to try new things, you should definitely check out the ice rinks in Vasaparken and Kungsträdgården. Both are quite popular this time of the year. Vasaparken is a well-maintained rink opened on weekdays from 8.00 to 21.00 and on weekend from 10.00 to 21.00. Kungsträdgården ice rink is more central and offers you the possibility to rent skates too. Is opened on weekdays from 9.00 to 21.00 and on weekends from 10.00 to 21.00.

Looking for a day on the slopes? You don’t have to leave the city! Hammarbybacken is very popular among the locals and is offering everything you would expect from a sky resort. You can ski here starting with the 9th of January. For more information and prices, check the official website. Similarly, there is Flottsbro ski resort. Also reachable with the public transport. More information is available on their official website.

Whatever winter activity you choose for the first weeks of 2016 we hope that you enjoy your time in Stockholm and being part of its stoRy!

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