StockholmSubwaystoRy #16 – Tensta

Stockholm Subway with stoRy touRs

Tensta is the last subway station included in Stockholm Subway stoRy in April. It is situated in the district of Tensta and was opened in the autumn of 1975 as part of the blue line in the subway system.

The artist of this station is Helga Henschen and the name of her work is ‘A rose for immigrants’. The name of the art project created here is a reference to the many immigrants living in the area.

The cave of Tensta is filled with texts and poems in different languages, together with drawings of various animals, flowers and trees. One can also see the word “brotherhood” painted on 18 paintings in 18 different languages.

One quotation from Hans Palmstierna says: “We must build a world fit to live in, fit for us and also for future generations.”, while Birger Norman is quoted saying: “The world has come to Sweden: we have a unique opportunity of enriching our culture, of making our lives more interesting through contact with immigrants”.

Tensta represents the changes through which Sweden went through in the 70s. It is definitely one station worth visiting while in Stockholm. Visit the Stockholm Subway stoRy page to see all our stories so far and check our blog every Sunday for new tales from the Stockholm’s subway!