StockholmSubwaystoRy #68 – Alvik

Stockholm Subway with stoRy touRs

Our third entry from April comes right during the Easter time. This week we are going to talk about Alvik, the most important transport hub in the western part of the Swedish capital. Here we go!

As we said, Alvik is situated in the western part of the Stockholm municipality, in Traneberg. Today’s station it was opened on 26th of October 1952. Why do we say it’s an important hub? Here we see the subway network being joined by the tram services of Nockebybanan and Tvärbanan. The tram service was going on in the area since 1914.

This station is serving the green line in the Stockholm metro system. And all three of the green lines are passing by here: T17, T18 and 19. The station before this one towards central part of the city is Kristineberg. T18 ends its service where in Alvik, while for T17 and T18 comes Stora mossen westbound.

Here are two platforms for the Tvärbanan tram service right under the station. While the tram service for Nockebybanan is going on right by the metro lines. On some points the lines are shared by the services. There are two platforms and four tracks in total. About 20.000 people pass by here on a regular day.

The artistic decorations here were made during the rebuilding in 1990s by Hensajaj Nobuya Koda, who came from Japan and lived in Sweden. She became fascinated by “the black gold of Skåne”. The large sculpture she made for the ticket hall is called “The Source of Dawn”, making an impressive impression for the travelers entering the station. Her work was inspired by Zen Buddhism.

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