StockholmSubwaystoRy #71 – Fruängen

Stockholm Subway with stoRy touRs

After celebrating 70 weeks in our journey through the Stockholm subway system, we were force to have our first week off due to technical problems. But worry not! The saga continues. Today we go to the southern end of the red line to see Fruängen.

Today’s station is situated in the district with the same name in the south-western part of Stockholm county. Fruängen was opened in the spring of 1964 and today is the southern end station for the T14 red line in the subway system. Towards the northern end of the station, there comes Västertorp.

On the day when the station was opened, it was visited by King Gustaf VI Adolf of Sweden. Special celebrations were held in Fruängen. Before 1964, when it was transformed in a subway station, since 1956, here were working two trams lines.

Today there is one main entrance in Fruängen Centrum with access both from Fruängsgången and Fruängstorget. The station itself is an outside one, having one large platform and two tracks alongside it.  Fruängen is situated at 46.8 meters above the sea level, making it the highest station in the whole subway system of the Swedish capital. Here there is also an important bus terminal for the southern part of the city.

The artistic decorations here were made by Fredrik Landergren. He placed in the ticket hall and on the walls outside the station colorful mosaics representing human heads.

You will surely use this station if you want to visit the second biggest IKEA store in the world, IKEA Kungens Kurva, which is reachable from Fruängen by taking a bus for circa 10 minutes.

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